Local children’s book publishing company gets to the heart of the matter, makes first donation to Driscoll Children’s Hospital

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Debra presenting check to Driscoll Children's Hospital

Giraffes in My Closet sales add up to $2,000 gift for pediatric cardiac program.

“Hundreds of people have contributed to For Kids’ Sake being able to make this donation to the cardiac program at Driscoll.  Everyone who purchased a book is an integral part of this gift.  So that means they are all part of helping children who are struggling with long-term heart issues who are seeking healing at Driscoll Children’s Hospital, and we are most grateful.”

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For Kids Sake Publishing Featured in Caller Times

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Author at book reading

Author puts charitable spin on publishing.

Giraffes are bashful creatures, according to a new children’s book by Corpus Christi writer Debra Hatch. That’s why they like to hide in closets.

After she read the book to students at Hicks Elementary Thursday morning, a kindergartner spoke up: “The book was really amazing,” he said, but “giraffes can’t fit in any closets.”

Hatch countered that, in a way, it is possible. “You can create anything in your imagination and write it,” she said.

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